Brand Bio

AYSE is based and established in New York and Seoul.

 AYSE’s values are inscribed in a true sense of modernity and purpose : 

Authenticity rhymes with clarity of design; calm elegance aligns with gentle formality; comfort is balanced by sensitive sophistication.

AYSE also pursues flexible minimalism with flawlessly calculated patterns, precise craftsmanship, and systematic repetition.

AYSE has brought unexpected shapes with smart details, versatility and a new luxury with contemporary price point. 


“Repetition in our life is a process of accumulation.
The subtle differences that derive from the accumulated archive define us.”


A natural item which could be permeated through a customer's life.

Low-key luxury aesthetic via unconventional design from a zeitgeist.

An item that represents the customer’s value and attitude of life, not just trend consumed in a moment.


Reliable    |    Effortless    |  Simplicity    |   Versatility    |    Reasonable    |   Respect

Designer Bio

AYSE was founded in 2020 by MJ Jung(Creative Director & CO-Founder) and TK Nam (CEO & Co-Founder). 

 The duo met in NYC when they were both college students. MJ studied Accessory Design major at FIT, while TK was into Accounting major at CUNY Baruch.

Then MJ and TK decided to change gears and turn their energy towards brand AYSE, a collection of extraordinary handbags and lifestyle items.

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